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Farewell to The Aura House

A new era awaitS


As part of this transformative process, The Aura House will re-emerge with a new brand identity in 2024, ushering in an era of renewed commitment, broader vision, and deeper impact. While The Aura House has always been a beacon of hope, solace, and empowerment, this change signifies more than just a name.


This IS NOT a goodbye but a renewal. We're refining our mission to reach and serve our community more profoundly, fostering an environment where Black people can find unparalleled peace, healing, and spiritual growth. 

Amid this pivotal transformation, The Aura House remains rooted in its foundational principle: creating spaces where Black women feel seen, heard, and profoundly healed. This next chapter will build on the organization's legacy, incorporating broader services, holistic practices, and a renewed commitment to its mission. Further details regarding the new brand identity, programs, and offerings will be revealed closer to the relaunch. we are excited about this period of growth and reflection.

Thank you all so much for believing in us and the work. This wouldn't have made it this far if it weren't for the love and care in the community across the world!

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Aura Evolved: Welcoming The Oriyam

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The Oriyam, formerly known as The Aura House, invites you to embark on a transformative journey towards balancing spiritual and mental well-being. "Ori" representing the head and "Yam," a symbolic root of ancestral strength, embody our commitment to guiding individuals to their highest selves. We are a community of healers, mental health advocates, artists, and medicine people united to foster holistic healing.

At The Oriyam, we envision a community where the mind, body, and soul harmonize. Our workshops, curated by passionate experts, are designed to uplift and empower individuals on their quest for self-discovery. We believe in the power of cultivating conversations that bridge cultures, fostering unity and understanding. Our community is a melting pot of diverse backgrounds, beliefs, and experiences where healing is a shared journey.

To continue developing this transformative project, The Oriyam needs your support. Your generous donations will enable us to expand our workshops, reach more communities, and provide accessible resources for all seeking balance and well-being


Join us on this journey of growth and transformation by clicking " DONATE ". Your donation to The Oriyam ensures that we can create a nurturing space for individuals to find their highest being of self. Together, let's sow the seeds of well-being and watch them flourish.

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