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a workshop?

The purpose of this form is to keep a directory of facilitators, practitioners, and healers who are interested in facilitating a workshop, panel, or provide a service in the near future for The Aura House. Aura House seeks to have services that are holistic, free and sliding scale.. The Aura House will offer skill based workshops, healing circles, political education, self-care, nutritional programming, ancestral and spirituality practices, peer support groups and individual counseling virtually at the moment.   Contact us if you have more questions 

What are your pronouns? 

What are some of your gifts/knowledge you want to share in a workshop or as a service? (Herbal medicine, Alter making, Therapeutic Support, Reiki, Tarot, Support Group, Etc.)

Short description of workshop or service. (topic, a few goals, length) 

Where can we see your previous work? (Social media handle or website)

Are you or do you identify as Black, Indigenous, or as a Person of Color?

Which days are you available to host a workshop or provide services ? Please include at least 2 dates ** NOTE ** please understand we try to accommodate requested dates as fit to our schedule thank you in advance for your patience.

Thanks for submitting! We will be contacting you shortly.

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