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Are you creative? Are you entrepreneurial? Are you a self-starter? Whether you enjoy researching, planning events, focusing on data, or working on a committee, there is a role for you at The Aura House! Scroll down below to find which position fits best. Click the button to fill an application today.

A Young Woman Writing
Pink to Orange Gradient


Responsibilities but not limited to:

Build and maintain relationships with community, non-profit organizations, mental health professionals, and facilitators.

Assist Programs Committee with planning events with facilitators.

Work in coordination with the Director of Communications and Communications committee to include relevant updates on social media and newsletter updates.

Pink to Orange Gradient


Responsibilities but not limited to:

Assist with grant writing as needed.

Collaboration with funding partners.

Research grant and  fundraising opportunities.

Assist Director of Development with planning fundraising events.

Pink to Orange Gradient


Responsibilities but not limited to:

Create content for website, newsletter, and social media.

Monitor and respond to incoming media inquiries.

Marketing outreach


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Responsibilities but not limited to:

Assist with work studies, surveys, focus groups, or other activities related to tracking the interests and needs of our audience.

Community outreach

Support volunteer & intern intake, training, and placement to support The Aura House

Pink to Orange Gradient


Responsibilities but not limited to:

Building workshops

Participate in planning for education programming (ie. artist talks, panels, schools)

Working with facilitators

Support planning for ongoing monthly programs

Special events

Pink to Orange Gradient


Responsibilities but not limited to:

Produce monthly, quarterly, and annual financial reports for The Aura House.

Co-signatory on all organization bank accounts and financial management applications.

Work with all Directors & Board to produce annual department budgets + goals

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