Praise Mother: is an interactive installation and work-in-progress performance by Aaliyah Christina featuring research, poetry, autobiographical materials & sounds, and liturgical improvisation. It explores themes of debilitating mental health, grief, and mother/daughterhood.


Aaliyah Christina



Are you a single mother? Were you raised by a single mother? Do you sometimes have feelings of unprocessed emotions? Join our group meets to meet other women in our network for workshops + group activities. Click the link below to submit an application. 

"There is liberation in the healing and freedom comes in the (un)learning. I believe life is the process and death is the transition."

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Born in Ruston, Louisiana and raised across Louisiana, Maryland, and Texas, Aaliyah  creates and supports performance work as an administrator, curator, movement artist, and writer. She improvises dances and writes poetry/prose about power/love, mental health, and Blackness as a resident on the South side of Chicago. Revering her roots in the South, Aaliyah considers Chicago to be the first city she chose as home and the first place to accept her in all of her truth.

As Associate Curator & Artist Programs Manager at Links Hall, she ensures the voices of artists are centered through programming & creating new works. Aaliyah consistently collaborates & supports Chicago's community artists & organizations including Keyierra Collins, Darling Shear, Assata's Daughters, The Fly Honeys, and Chicago Dancemakers Forum. Alongside her work at Links Hall, she is a Co-Organizer & Content Curator for Performance Response Journal. Collaboration is key. This allows me to take on leadership and subordinate roles in tandem to work through my strengths and the follow the lead on moments when I may not be all too knowledgeable.

During the journey of 2021's High Concept Labs Residency, Aaliyah Christina created the Praise Mother Initiative to dive into community building with adult children of single parents to usher and foster growth between Black families and tools to examine, confront, and survive mental health journeys. With support from The Aura House, the Praise Mother Initiative will organize therapeutic support groups for the South & West sides of Chicago for single parents and those raised by them to discuss experiences, write letters to self & each other, and create artworks highlighting the process of accountability & healing.