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W E L C O M E H O M E C H I C A G O !

Welcome friends!

We are so excited to start sharing with you all & connect! This is only the beginning & there's so much space being made for healing. As if surviving a pandemic was enough, our black brothers & sisters have been surviving a pandemic of our own for over 400 years. This years series of events have sparked a revolution. And we are all apart of it. Our women are dying. Our trans sisters are dying. WE ARE NOT LOUD ENOUGH. We are not saying their names enough. Healing is at our hearts center and we value having resources for healing. Our collective is currently raising money for our directory of healers in the Chicago(land) area. Funding will be put towards self-care packages, housing, appointments, and much more. As we grow, we are able to help our sisters in other cities aiding their communities. We are making history together. United, we will create changes our grandchildren's children will appreciate. Follow the link below to help us reach our goal. Check back for more updates on future workshops & follow us on our social platforms!

Be safe out here ya'll <3 we love you

peace & blessings



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