our Mission

There is a void in society that no black woman can deny. As human-beings, political agents, and spiritual warriors, we are constantly in spaces of transformative struggle. Black lives are always under attack and we are rarely granted the space, time, and resources to take care of ourselves. Mental illness is stigmatized today and its affect causes many people of color to not receive proper holistic care. We, black women, must create these sacred places for ourselves. We reserve  the right to spaces where we are free to openly discuss issues that directly affect us. The goal of Aura House is to facilitate and create safe spaces where all women of color can come together and support one another on our own personal path of self-empowerment.  We invest in building a powerful community  through the radical act of sisterhood. While staying committed to reclaiming love & power within ourselves and to create a culture of understanding self-care & spirituality. We do this by offering a myriad of workshops; mindfulness, healing circles, political education, self-care, nutrition, spirituality, and so much more. Aura House serves for  all  ages  of  women  of  color.

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Founder & Executive Director 


"I am a visual artist born + raised in Chicago. I attended Columbia College Chicago completing courses in their Fashion Business & Marketing/PR program. During my junior year of college I studied abroad at the University of Art London + fell in love with contemporary art. Outside of art, I am an advocate for mental health. I relate to mental health firsthand. I’ve learned skills through an intensive therapy program to help me navigate through my early 20's journey. I often noticed I was the only black woman in group therapy sessions. Though very helpful, the therapists & group members at this program didn’t understand my daily anxiety of being a black woman in today’s society. With that, if it weren’t for my mother’s insurance, being in an intensive program like that would have been impossible for me. Once I completed the program , I was determined  to share the skills I learned with my peers who did not have insurance or funds to support their therapy.


In 2015, I created a bi-weekly workshop called Mindful Mondays at The Dojo; a media space I co-operated with 5 other talented artists located in Chicago. In 2016, I hosted the first documented aura circle in my Logan Square apartment. We shared experiences of our mental health and the lack of resources in our black & brown communities. This was a great way to gain knowledge of our needs in an intimate setting while getting to know each other. Those gatherings were the impetus for Aura House, and with the help of wonderful allies, it continues to be a place to bring women in the community together to lift up one another as we navigate through life. ”

Programs & Education


"Work hard. Push yourself, because no one else is going to do it for you."

kelli h.